Grand Re-Opening!!! OCTOBER 1st!!! 2019

While as I reconstruct my website for the second time, I am stressed and feeling blue…..I also have a spark of energy…I feel soon I will fall back into my old routines and become more focused than ever….

Although I do feel sad about the Marketplace not being successful…..I do have to look on the bright side…I learn a lot, personally and professionally. I gained confidence in my brand, art and ability to go forward on my own. No net just jump, like I did almost 2 years ago.

Here’s a coupon code ( 10offfancyflow) for you to save $10.00 on any Fancy Flow….they’re already on sale!! SHHHH….don’t tell!! …….giggle It’s only good for the Grand Re-opening October 1st…Stop by and check out the changes!!

When I started I had a passion for art and wanted to share my unique finds with other artists and crafters. I continue to find and think up unusual items, projects and use my imagination to the fullest only now I also have YouTube, NJJM and Patreon to share my ideas and products!! I am truly blessed.

YouTube Channel: Making memories with Melodi


Grand Re-Opening!!! OCTOBER 1st!!! 2019

3 thoughts on “Grand Re-Opening!!! OCTOBER 1st!!! 2019

  1. Melodi, please try not to feel blue. I once had a p.t. jewelry-making business and tried to please everyone, which was impossible. I eventually found no joy in doing the jewelry anymore because it stressed me.

    Now I am learning from you and other talented instructors how to use paper in artistic ways and am happy!

    I am sure your new journey will be an improvement!

    1. Trying to please everyone has been a battle I fight everyday. I appreciate your kind words!! Thank you, I am looking forward to getting settled in my new normal!! Hugs

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